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Gold is Now Almost as Valuable as Platinum, Why?

Gold has now been considered at par with platinum in terms of value. Financial experts have come to a conclusion that platinum and gold have almost leveled out at the top of the trading industry. The changes in value remain to be a question, which is why financial firms like the US Money Reserve made efforts to research and compare these rare metals. Here are some of the basic things that you need to know.

Ancient Value of Gold
For many decades, gold has been assumed to be one of the most valuable among any other metals. The price of this metal increases over time because it can withstand chemical and temperature changes as time goes by. Traditionally, gold has been valuable since ancient times because it is a rare metal and collecting it requires countless efforts of mining. Gold is also not as reactive as other metals but yet malleable and ductile. After several years of economic development, gold is now used worldwide for monetary use either as convertible shares or coinage.

Recent Platinum Finds
You have probably been wondering how and why platinum made its way to the top trading charts. Platinum’s status quo is not quite known in the past few months researchers found out that this metal exceeds gold in terms of quality, durability, and other characteristics. Here are the things you need to know about platinum:

• It is heavier by weight when compared to other metals.

• It is very versatile with the highest temperature to melting point.

• It is resistant to corrosion and damage due to changes and time.

• It has the ability to be combined with other metals without depreciating its aesthetic property.

• One of its unique characteristics is that it has a smooth luster which allows jewelry design to be more intricate.

The Race to Value
Now that you know why platinum was recently considered as one of the most valuable metals, it is no wonder why it is being compared to gold. The US Money Reserve, a capital processing network, stated that market traders favor platinum more than before and it is gaining popularity. Experts have found numerous comparisons of these two metals in many classifications. Here are few updates:

Weight and Measures – Platinum is heavier than gold. 14 karat gold has a lighter weight than platinum. To explain simpler, suppose that you are buying a gold ring that weighs 15 grams. If you buy the same weight in platinum, it would be 21 grams. The money invested with platinum is by far more valuable since you will get more out of the same ring.

Work and Labor – The work, labor, and resources of creating jewelry out of platinum is more laborious than gold. The extreme melting point, hardness, and pliability of platinum costs more than gold. This causes platinum to be priced higher when compared to other metals.

Recent information and continuous research on platinum has caused a paradigm shift in market trends. Traditional gold standards have been overpowered since platinum’s stability, aesthetic value, and market value exceeds other metals. It is now safe to say that an investment in platinum with a capital processing network like the US Money Reserve is really worth more than gold.