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Your business can stand out in a strip mall

For many small businesses, securing a proper location is among the greatest challenges. While an individual building usually provides for a more noticeable storefront, standing out from the rest of a strip mall can be possible and will benefit from the traffic already present for other businesses in the same building.

There are numerous advertising methods that will help net much needed customers and income despite being caught in the monotony of a strip mall. Hiring performance artists to draw in passersby is a fun choice. Ordering signs and banners with large format printing is another. There is also the chance to hold noticeable events in the public parking lot.

A recent trend sweeping the country is the use of sign spinners. Usually paid just above minimum wage, these employees hold a large sign, often with an arrow on one side and a company logo or details on the reverse, directing people to the business. More experienced and talented sign spinners are capable of getting creative and twirling the sign around like a bo staff. The entire activity can almost turn into a type of dance. This method is equally effective for strip malls on busy roads as it is for businesses that often go unnoticed compared to larger stores in the same strip mall.

Without having to add people to the payroll, or during months of extreme weather, simply utilizing adequate signage is a basic method for drawing in crowds. Consider contacting a local printer and inquiring about large format printing. Purchasing gigantic banners to attract attention adds a novel look to your business and easily informs people of whatever you’d like them to know, whether it be your competitive prices, unique selections and offers, or just the fact that you exist. Large format printing adds a level of attraction to any important sign.

Holding small, outdoor, events is also a great way to pull in clients. As many strip malls are located near major roads, putting up a tent in the parking lot and posting a banner made using large format printing techniques is guaranteed to get noticed. Offering special, limited-time only, options and specials will get people to approach you and give you ample opportunity to close the deal. This entire process can be loads easier in a strip mall than in an individual building because of a spacious parking lot. Of course, make sure other business owners in the same unit are aware of your plans.

For any company, big or small, old or new, getting noticed and attracting customers is a necessary part of the equation. Even for a slipping business relegated to a strip mall, there are a plethora of methods available to the resourceful business owner to get new customers and increase profits. Whether dazzling people with performance art, informing them with large printing, or entertaining them with special events, never have to settle for a slow day.