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2013 budget tip: Drink espresso at home

Getting through the day without some form of caffeine, even just in the mornings, can be brutal. Since humans are natural creatures for convenience, looking for the fastest, easiest way to get that morning fix is all that matters. Having a freshly prepared espresso in the morning is something countless of Americans do each day and for some, it is a pre-work ritual. Unfortunately, this morning pick-me-up can average $4 to $8 per cup; adding up to over $1,000 spent each year. When you add it up, grabbing that cup of morning espresso doesn’t seem as pleasant. For 2013, make it a New Year’s Resolution to be budget-wise and start drinking espresso at home with a single serve espresso machine.

Financial benefits of at-home espresso

Often you think that espresso brewed at home using a single serve espresso machine does not have the same quality of coffee shop brewed. That is why you spend your time and money at professional coffee shops. This misconception makes you pay twice as much for a drink you can have at home relatively cheap.

An example:
Your average coffee shop may charge you $4.00 for a 12-oz espresso-based drink. If you drive up to this coffee shop five days per week, you are spending $20 per week or $80 per month on one drink a day. Imagine if you visit your coffee shop twice a day? Seven days a week? Annually you are looking at almost $1,000 on espresso costs.

Non-financial benefits

There are non-financial benefits to at-home espresso making. If you find yourself constantly running late for work, stopping for an espresso-based drink can be difficult. Brewing at home takes out the need for that additional stop and while you are getting ready in the morning, your espresso is brewing and waiting for you right before you head out the door. In addition, you save on time and the cost of driving when you brew your espresso at home and, of course, you can skip dealing with traffic or harsh weather.

Convenient, affordable espresso at home

A single serve espresso machine combines the savings of brewing at home with the convenience of grabbing an espresso-based drink at your local coffee shop. Quick, mess-free single serve units have grown in popularity over the past few years. Single serve units give you a flexible, easy-to-clean and use option for creating an espresso without taking the time from your day and money from your wallet to purchase an espresso-based drink at the local store.

How to buy

Single serve machines are just about everywhere, but what is important is spending your money on a quality machine that helps you save money, but still provide you with that coffee shop taste. Consider buying a single serve machine that:

• Heats fast
• Comes with a built-in milk frother or an accessory option
• Doesn’t take up too much space on your counter
• Offers at-home barista-like experience