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The many advantages of keeping a home phone line

There are many advantages to keeping a home phone service. There are many people who use only their cell phone today to communicate. The thought behind that is the cell phone is used more than the home line and can go anywhere so why pay the extra expense. Here are some of the reasons that keeping a home phone service is a good idea.

1. Power outages happen in all parts of the country. Traditional landlines can be used as long as the phone is wired. This type of phone requires no electricity. Cell phones require a charge and a signal from the tower to keep working. In an extended power outage the cell phone will lose its charge.

2. Emergency 911 calls use the land line to pin point where the call is coming from even when the person calling can not tell them. Until you have an emergency you never know how you will react to having to get all the information across to the operator clearly. This is especially important if a younger or older person is home alone at any time.

3. Home security systems which automatically connect to the police and fire departments use landlines. A home security system can be a great thing to have when the house is empty during the day, there are pets at home or a child or elderly person is there alone.

4. Cell reception from inside some houses can be unreliable. Cell phone reception does not always work well from all parts of the house. In an emergency this is a major problem. In storms the reception may become weaker inside and to take a call you would have to go outside.

5. The new trend in telecommuting is growing stronger. The only way this works is to have a land line with really good clear reception. Businesses want consultants and customer service reps who have reliable and clear ways to communicate. Fax machines and all in one printer, scanner, faxes use home phone lines and are often necessary for working from home.

6. If you love to call your relatives or friends and chat that can eat up the minutes on a cell phone plan quickly. Most home phone services have plans for unlimited local and in many cases unlimited long distance. This can be much less expensive than having a cell plan with huge overage charges.

7. You cannot lose your home phone line or forget to charge it. Batteries will die in cell phones and the whole phone occasionally will need to be replaced and it could take several days to get everything set up that needs to be done to repair or replace a cell phone.

8. Some internet connections and home television services use a home phone service to operate.

Cell phones are so very convenient and can be taken anywhere. However, having a good back up of home phone service is still important and a great way to protect your home and family.