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Turning over ‘A New Leaf’ for the Valley’s homeless population

The city of Phoenix may be making progress on cutting down the number of homeless veterans, but families are still struggling in the metro area.

Mark Dobay, director of homeless shelter services at A New Leaf, has worked first-hand with homeless families in the Valley.

“We’ve actually about the same number of homeless families [in the Valley] since the recession,” said Dobay. “There was a peak but there has not been a drop off.”

After working with A New Leaf, Dobay realized that it’s not just drugs and alcohol that lead to homelessness.

“Some just have monetary issues, budgeting issues, problems finding resources for their family,” said Dobay.

A New Leaf has a 16-unit shelter in Chandler where homeless families can stay. In the next six to eight months, Maricopa County will have an assessment program to help direct homeless families to an area that will be suited for their needs.

The goal?

“Get people self sufficient to the point where they no longer need our services,” said Dobay.

According to Dobay A New Leaf relies on community support to survive.

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