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Technology: Helpful or harmful in connecting families?

The age old question in a new age of technology is, “How is this affecting the family dynamics?”

In an article from
HowStuffWorks, five reasons are given as to why technology could be causing problems among families. The reasons were as follows: School performance, quality time, a less empathetic generation, blurred boundaries and, the chief culprit, a lack of outdoor activity. These negative impacts affect a family’s quality time together, health and a parent’s ability to control what their children are see and do.

However, in an opposing article from the same website, technology may be shrinking generation gaps and bringing families closer together. Through FaceTime and Skype, families no longer need a plane ticket to see each other over the holidays. The empty-nesters aren’t as lonely when their youngest can video chat them from their dorm room.

There is no doubt that technology is present in a family structure, but what isn’t certain is how positively or negatively it will affect families. Do you think technology hurts or helps families connect?