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Teacher: Technology lessons crossing school borders

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter…coding?

Parents and teachers in today’s world are all too aware of how consumed their kids are in technology, but how much do these kids really know about it?

Explorer Middle School teacher and “Media-Tech Specialist,” Tracy Tyson, teaches her seventh and eighth graders about computer coding. She has taught her students how to design their own applications and computer games, saying these skills carry over to other subjects.

“They have to really use logic which is very much like solving an algebra problem.”

She also spoke about the importance of “digital citizenship,” a term she used to describe the permanence of the Internet.

“I tell them to put something on and delete it,” she said. “They’ll go on in 20 seconds and put it up and take it back down but I’ve already taken a screenshot.”

Rachel, one of Tyson’s eighth-grade students, said her mother constantly urges Internet safety.