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The Real Arizona Coalition: What we’ve learned

Over the past year, O’Connor
House leaders and I participated
with The Real Arizona
Coalition on one of the most
important, complex and divisive
topics of our time: federal
immigration reform. The many
discussions have resulted in
a consensus that can lead to
some concrete solutions at
long last to our diverse immigration

O’Connor House, like the
coalition itself, brings together
citizens with divergent views on a subject for coalescence
and consensus as to how to resolve this massive

The Real Arizona Coalition has done a good job of
bringing together many of the people who know the
problems concerning immigration policies. The process
engaged all participants in the discussion. Now, let us
hope we will see some action on this subject that will
address some of the key concerns. We can solve our
problems if we share our concerns and our proposed

The Honorable Sandra Day O’Connor

Former Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court