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Ways you can help a boy with cerebral palsy

Our son, Andrew, just turned 6 and has cerebral palsy.

We have been on quite a journey since Andrew was diagnosed with CP at age 4. The great news is that Andrew has improved significantly with some innovative medical treatments. The bad news is that the insurance industry considers it all to be “experimental” and does not cover any of it.

We pay $750 out of pocket per month for Andrew’s ongoing medical care and many thousands of dollars for Andrew to get specialized treatments each summer. We are doing all of this on the modest teacher salary of Andrew’s father and we need help to make it happen! For more info on Andrew’s journey, please go to the following site:

The Fans Across America Charitable Foundation has provided us with a tax-deductible online and ongoing fundraiser to raise money for Andrew’s costly medical bills. The money donated goes directly from the foundation to one of Andrew’s local doctors to offset our high costs there. If you’re interested in Andrew’s fundraiser page, click here. Every amount helps and is tax deductible! We would love your help in spreading the word about this fundraiser and your prayers for Andrew!

The Fans Across America Charitable Foundation also helps people in transition and facing homelessness in the East Valley. They are run solely by dedicated volunteers. Their organization can receive your AZ Working Poor Credit Tax Credit and you will get the money back on your tax return. Please see their website to read about the wonderful things they are doing in the Valley and how you can be a part of it!

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