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Study reveals nuances of family life

We all know our own family’s day-to-day routines, but have you ever wondered what your neighbors or friends are doing at the same time?

As it turns out, probably the same thing you are.

The Daily Mail released a study of British families that looked at the breakdown of average family life.

As it turns out, most families own two cars, one of which is likely to be a blue Ford.

On the family’s two televisions, about 5.25 hours of programming is viewed daily, a majority of which being children’s shows. The family will likely fight three times concerning TV before the kids head to bed at 8:10 p.m and the adults retire at 11:23 p.m.

The family will eat five meals together every week and will eat out about twice a week.

When it comes to spending time together, the family spends just under three hours of quality time together per day. In addition to daily time, they’ll go on one trip per month, play sports twice per month, go see a movie once per month, visit friends or family twice per month and take one bike ride per month.

They’ll coordinate all this on their three mobile phones and three laptops.

Is this study reflective of your family? Tim & Willy shared some of their thoughts on the study. You can listen here.