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Instead of seceding, why not try improving?

Now really! How bad can living in America be, no matter who the president is?

After every election, a whole bunch of people are celebrating and another bunch are disappointed — just like after the Super Bowl and the World Series — and then life goes on.

Except for a few.

I remember when President Bush was re-elected, I actually heard some Democrats contemplating moving to another country. Some overreaction, huh?

But that’s nothing compared to the response of some to last week’s presidential results. Sure, there was a lot of texting and tweeting about Armageddon, the end of America as we know it and the forth-coming socialist state, but those were the amateur doomsayers.

A Mesa woman ran over and seriously injured her husband because he didn’t vote, Obama won and her family’s future was ruined. This week, thousands of the disgruntled signed petitions on the Internet expressing a desire to secede and start a new country.

Sorry, but as a member of the gruntled, I think I’ll just stay here in the U.S.A. and try to make things better.

I’m Pat McMahon.