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Obama re-election highlights divisions, inspires fear

While listening to News/Talk 92.3 KTAR on Tuesday night, the election became a different story than I had envisioned.

All my optimism, all my belief in the words of Karl Rove and his white board, all my opinions shared by the likes of Dick Morris, who predicted a landslide victory for Mitt Romney, all those pundits who made me confident that my choice would be in the White House come January; it’s over.

The networks placed that dreaded check mark after the name Obama. It’s over. Everyone projected the president has won reelection.

There will be time for analysis, there will be time for recriminations. I will spend time listening to your calls, many saying, “I told you so.”

There is some good news. Sheriff Joe Arpaio was reelected. David Schweikert will return to Congress. Matt Salmon will go back to the House.

Here is what is for sure: America is a divided country — severely divided — and what is sad is that America is divided by color. Black and brown America thinks differently from white America. You may want to disagree with that — and I’ll accept your arguments — but the numbers will tell the story.

One other thing is a huge segment of the population that has its collective hand out. The “give me,”
the “I deserve without work,” the millions of Americans who want the government to support them, they were heard tonight.

I am afraid for my dear America.