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Reasons behind a potential Romney, Obama loss

With Election Day on Tuesday, Sam Donaldson from ABC News broke down the reasons why President Obama or Mitt Romney would lose the race.

“If Obama loses, the overall reason is the economy, although he’s pulled about even with Mitt Romney at the moment,” Donaldson told KTAR’s News/Talk 92.3 Mac Watson and Larry Gaydos.

Donaldson said the problem stems from the first presidential debate.

“I will always believe, along with a lot of other people that if he loses, he lost it by not showing up for that first debate,” he said.

Donaldson believes that Romney has an advantage on the economy.

“I think if Romney loses…it’s because he’s never been able to connect to the vast majority of people.”

Donaldson doesn’t think that Hurricane Sandy has had a major factor in people’s opinions.

“It helped reinforced Obama’s ability to be seen as a leader despite problems with the economy.”

He said Romney has been seen as a leader since the first debate.

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