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A Sweet Ghost Story

Ready to take your love of spicy things to the next level?

Check out locally owned Sonoran Spice Company. We met founder, Jerrod Harris, while doing a radio segment on Restaurant Live last month. Sure, Harris’ company can get you ghost peppers, seeds for growing your own, and gift sets of spices and rubs, but we didn’t expect such a huge array of cool, attractively packaged products … from a local guy … who’s selling this stuff internationally.

After the radio segment, he gifted us three small test tube-shaped containers filled with Nerds-like candies, only these can’t be eaten in bulk because they pack a spicy punch from jalapeno, habanero, and ghost pepper spice. They start off sweet and then boom, the slight sting begins (or huge sting, if you’re some people, a.k.a., not us). Either way, because they’re such tiny candies, the burn is gone in minutes. We found ourselves popping a couple every hour to, well, keep the buzz going.

These flavors can also be acquired as gummy candy, gumballs, and dust candy (not for snorting, you weirdo). Sonoran Spice also sells spicy beef jerky and spicy sea salt, for those who want to heat things up in just about every part of their lives.

With the holidays around the corner, any of these products would make a great gift for your spice-loving friends and family.

Sonoran Spice operates solely online, so go shopping here and have your products shipped anywhere: