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From Chicago, by way of the moon

When we say “Half Moon Sports Grill,” what do you picture? That strange building on Highland, just west of 24th Street, that you see as you drive by but most likely don’t pop in? That’s cool, because even the owners knew it was time for an update after over 10 years in biz. But a fresh coat of paint and a couple new lights weren’t going to suddenly get folks to seek it out. Conversely, a total concept change was out of the question, too, because the area really needs a good sports bar. So, they decided to go with their roots. In this case, it’s Chicago.

A couple weeks ago, Half Moon introduced a tweaked name, Half Moon Windy City Sports Grill, a new Chicago-influence menu, Chicago-themed space, and even a new private room named after local notable Chicagoan, Jerry Colangelo. This place is Chicago thru-and-thru, and that means it’s a place you’ll love.

There’s quotes about the Windy City on walls and server’s uniforms, family photos from back home, and roll-down shades that display the Chicago skyline separating the bar from the dining room. Whenever Chicago sports are playing, they’ll be the focus of the 32 new HDTVs. Fans of Chicago food will also root for the new menu. Think Vienna Beef Chicago dogs with all of the traditional toppings and poppy seed buns flown in from S. Rosen’s; Italian beef sandwiches on hoagie buns from Chi-town’s Alpha Baking Company; and Eli’s Cheesecake, also imported from Chicagoland. And don’t miss a pizza, it’s properly thin crust with a sweet (literally sweet) third-generation pizza sauce. Goose Island beers are stocked and there’s always $2 Old Style cans.

You can join the place this Thursday, Oct. 10, for a big Grand Opening party during the Thursday-night Chicago Bears/New York Giants game. On special: $1 Old Style cans in paper bags (the way they drink it outside Wrigley Field), $3 Goose Islands, and $5 personal pizzas. And whenever the Bears score a touchdown, the bar will sell $2.50 blue-and-orange “Bears” shots.

Half Moon Windy City Sports Grill
2121 E. Highland Ave.
Hours: 11am to 2am, Mon-Fri; 9am to 2am, Sat-Sun
kitchen ’til midnight daily