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February 4, 2013

The title of this episode is “Lost and Found.”

“This young girl went missing on May 26, 1992, more than 20 years ago,” said Phoenix Police Sgt. Darren Burch. “Thirteen-year-old Brandy Myers was last seen walking door-to-door collecting money for a school charity book drive.”

She was in her babysitter’s Sunnyslope neighborhood near Fifth Street and Hatcher.

“We don’t know if this was an abduction,” said Burch. “It certainly could have been. And now 20-some-odd years later, we’re hoping that maybe someone in that neighborhood or someone that knew Brandy could potentially have a key to solving this crime which is now being investigated as a homicide. She literally just dropped off the face of the earth.”

The little blonde wore prescription glasses, had pierced ears and a scar on her cheek.

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Our next case takes us to a canal access road near 43rd Street and Pinnacle Peak.

“A body was found on Monday, August 15, 1983. This, unfortunately, is a murder,” said Burch.

The woman, who was found nude, had dark, curly shoulder length hair, brown eyes and appeared to be about 25-years-old. She had been physically assaulted and her cause of death was suffocation. Unfortunately, she was so decomposed she couldn’t be identified. But investigators say she’d had a lot of dental work, including a bridge in her lower front teeth.

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