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March 19, 2012

AHWATUKEE, Ariz. – Phoenix Police Sergeant Darren
Burch says officers are looking for two suspects who
robbed an armored truck driver Friday, June 12th at a
Desert Schools Federal Credit Union at 49th Street and Ray
Road. The driver was making a cash drop.

When the driver was approached by two suspects, a black
man and a white man, they both were armed with rifles and
they demanded the victim’s money bag.

The Driver complied and the two suspects took off in a
stolen pickup which was later found abandoned at a nearby
apartment complex.

Sgt. Burch calls it a brazen attack that could have hurt
or killed innocent bystanders.

“The suspects were armed with rifles and in broad
daylight, on a Friday afternoon, in a very busy Ahwatukee
area and they confronted an armed victim,” said Burch. The
possibility of a fire fight or a gun battle was huge. With
it being a Friday lunch hour at a bank, Sgt. Burch
believes there had to be a lot of potential witnesses.

“That’s what our hope is,” said Burch. “We’re assuming
there’s gotta be people that saw what was going on and
might have seen these suspects leave the stolen vehicle
and get into another vehicle in the area.”

Both of the men, one of them black and the other white,
are described as being in their 20’s and having medium

Anyone with information is asked to call Silent Witness at
(480) WITNESS.