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April 30, 2007 (Re-Broadcast)

Ever been tempted to flip off another driver? Especially when you’re stuck in construction traffic? Next time, think about what happened to Daniel Levault.

“On January 7 of 2007, just about six in the evening, when Daniel Levault and his wife were driving on Camelback Road in the area of 19th Avenue, because of construction nearby, they were forced to merge from two lanes into one. And as they did this, they drove in front of a truck,” says Phoenix Police Sgt. Paul Penzone.

He says Daniel knew he’d made the guy mad because the other driver began following closely and honking his horn. “Daniel responded by flipping off another driver.”

The truck continued to follow them as they turned south on 15th Avenue and neared Campbell.

“The truck moved to the middle lane and drove next to Daniel’s car and they heard several shots fired.”

Daniel was hit twice, permanently paralyzing him. “One bullet struck him in his hip. The second bullet entered his left shoulder and severed his spinal cord.”

“He was unable to control his car and crashed into a house nearby.”

Daniel’s wife, thankfully, wasn’t hurt in the shooting or the crash.

“All investigators know about the suspect is that he was driving a Dodge truck that is believed to be an extended cab, 2003 or newer, grey or charcoal grey in color with tinted windows. It had extended exterior rear view mirrors on the sides. It had off-road tires that were larger than the standard, it appeared to have more tread.”