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Nov. 16, 2009

A 64-year-old man was found murdered in his own home on
Sunday night, October 18, 2009.

“Jerry Steele was found stabbed to death in his apartment
in the area of Central and Virginia,” Phoenix Police
Seargent Darren Burch said. Police are not sure why.

Two men were seen running from the apartment complex.

“One being a Hispanic male in his 30s, approximately six
foot in height, kind of heavy build, and a long dark
ponytail and thin sideburns,” Burch said, “he also had a
trimmed goatee.

“The other suspect was described as a black male between
35 and 40, about the same height but a thin build with
short hair and possibly a tattoo under one of his eyes.”

Burch says the two suspects may be drifters from Colorado.

“Two drifters were in the area prior to the murder, and a
witness saw two subjects running from the apartment that
matched that description,” he said. “These two drifters
had been in that area at least a couple days before the