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Nov. 9, 2009

Chaos inside the La Pupusa Loca bar at 43rd avenue and
Thomas. A fight has erupted, the place has shut down and
everyone is in the parking lot.

It’s after 2:30 in the morning on Sunday, September 6,
2009. Phoenix Police Seargeant Darren Burch says one of
the dads of one of the guys in the fight showed up to pick
up his son.

“The father was able to able to approach his son to take
him home when the suspect got out of the white Ford
Expedition and fired, trying to shoot the son, and shot
the father in the back of the head,” he said.

After taking a bullet to the head it did not look like Dad
was going to make it.

“He went to Hospice and made a remarkable recovery –
however he’s going to lose his eyesight and definitely has
life-altering injuries as a result of the shooting,” Burch

The only thing police have to go on right now, Burch said,
is what some witnesses have come forward with.

“[They have] identified the shooter as ‘Sal’, a Hispanic
male, approximately 5’4 in height, about 40 years of age.