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Sept.21, 2009

PHOENIX – Constitution Elementary School, near 15th Avenue and Union Hills Drive, is home to the Eagles. But, someone recently disturbed the nest. Phoenix Police Sergeant Darren Burch says it was just before 4 a.m. on Sunday, August 30, 2009, when one of the school workers got a call that the alarm was going off.

“He went to the school, was checking out the premises when he saw the silhouette of a person, then heard the suspects running away,” said Burch.

Whoever it was, they smashed windows and ransacked classrooms.

“Approximately five rooms, to include a media center,” said Burch. “A lot of just mischief and criminal damage type stuff, but they also did steal a laptop, they ate food from a teacher’s refrigerator.”

Burch says they left behind a black backpack that had been stuffed with stolen items. It’s going to be a tough case to crack though without the public’s help. Investigators are hoping the vandals have been talking about their crime.

“We have absolutely no description,” Burch said. “We have a silhouette of a suspect whether that be male or female, unknown. We don’t know how many. We have very little info as far as witness observation,” said Burch.”

Phoenix police ask anyone with information to call Silent Witness at (480) WITNESS.