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May 18, 2009

Kenneth Glum is reeling.

“Rick liked to have fun and just goof around with everybody. He was just a pleasure,” said Kenneth.

Rick is the second son he’s lost. “My oldest boy was his brother. He passed away nine years ago. He drowned. And Rick is the second oldest.”

Rick wasn’t married, no children and liked to fish. “And his hobbies were building models that he designed himself out of paper and stuff like that. Just beautiful motorcycles and cars and stuff.”

And he loved Clint Eastwood movies.

“It was Sunday, May 3rd of 2009, just after 5 in the morning when 36-year-old Rick Glum was found murdered just off of Brown and Country Club in Mesa,” said Phoenix Police Sgt. Paul Penzone.

He said had gone to his brother’s to watch a basketball game and left on his bicycle about 2:30 in the morning.

He visited a convenience store and that’s the last anyone saw him alive.

His body was discovered just a few hours later in a parking lot.

“He was just so kind to people and he would give you the shirt off of his back and that’s how polite he was and I don’t understand why this happened. I just don’t,” said Kenneth.

“Investigators believe it’s likely that he visited with some friends or that someone knows exactly why he was out those hours and that might lead to information that would help identify the suspect responsible for his murder,” said Penzone.

“I don’t know understand how this happened,” said Rick’s father. “Because Rick would never confront anybody or harm anybody or anything. So, I’m just bewildered why somebody would do this to him.”