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Say good-bye to school IDs, South Carolina introduces iris scanners

A school in South Carolina is trying out some slick eye-scanning technology to prevent intruders from entering buildings.

According to Mashable, administrators at Winthrop University in Rock Hill in South Carolina have been trying out a technology for the last four months that scans their irises when standing up in front of a mirror that has a camera behind it.

The camera is connected to a computer, and special software records 250 data points on the eye, measuring the shape of the eye in three dimensions. Once the information is saved in a database, the person needs no other form of identification to gain access to a building.

The purpose? Protect children from intruders inside the building.

Winthrop will use the scanners to check people entering an early childhood education school, fulfilling a need to protect the kids inside and ensure that only authorized adults pick them up.

Is this a good idea or a bad idea? Do you think this would be allowed in Arizona?