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Millions were attacked and millions more lied on Facebook last year

The sheer number of people under attack on the Internet is staggering.

Consumer Reports talks about the millions of people who were attacked on Facebook last year: “A projected 9.8 million adult Facebook users had their account used by an unauthorized person; had their reputation harmed; or were harassed, threatened or defrauded. Also, several hundred thousand minors were bullied on Facebook, and at least 3.7 million preteens violated its terms of service by actively using the social network.”

In addition to those preteens lying to get a Facebook account, Consumer Reports projects that 28.5 million Facebook users entered false personal information in their profile to protect their privacy. “Birth dates and names were the biggest fakes.”

And speaking of false information on Facebook, UPI reports a weird new way to fake info on Facebook: stalk yourself. “Police say a Michigan woman admitted to creating false Facebook accounts with her ex-boyfriend's personal information to make it appear that his new girlfriend was threatening her,” UPI reported.

With so many creative and deceptive ways to use Facebook, it shouldn't be a surprise that the company is now, for the first time, part of the Fortune 500. Fortune ranks the social network at 482 on the list, up from 598 last year.

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