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Study: 1 in 7 skin cancer patients continue tanning

It might not still recognized as an addiction, but a new study has found that tanning salons might in fact be addictive.

According to FOX News, a new study published in JAMA Dermatology has found that one in seven people diagnosed with skin cancer who have used tanning beds in the past will continue to do so post-diagnosis.

Overall, 26 patients admitted to using indoor tanning beds within four years post-diagnosis. According to the survey’s results, the patients had tanned a median of 10 times within the past year -though some admitted to tanning as many as 20 times. Patients who had done the most tanning prior to their skin cancer diagnosis were much more likely to still be visiting tanning beds, according to CTV News.

Dermatologists say this behavior leads to “tanning dependence.”

“Patients will often describe that it feels good when they get sun exposure or go to a tanning salon … They talk about needing to do it and craving it, and when they don’t do it, (they have) a feeling of withdrawal,” Langley told CTV News.