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Kenyan court convicts 1st man in election violence

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) – A Kenyan court has sentenced a man to life in prison for murder during Kenya’s 2007-08 postelection violence, the first conviction from the more than 1,000 people killed during the rampaging attacks.

Justice Roselyn Wendoh on Tuesday convicted 24-year-old Paul Kipkemboi Ruto, also known as Saitoti, for the murder of Kimani Thiongo. Witnesses said Thiongo was killed in broad daylight.

Four Kenyan leaders will face trial at the International Criminal Court for allegedly directing the violence. One of the four, former Education Minister William Ruto, is not related to Paul Kipkemboi Ruto.

The ICC began investigating the four when it became clear that Kenyan institutions were not investigating and trying cases related to the violence.

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