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Chronology of North Korea’s missile program

(AP) – Developments in North Korea’s missile program:

_ Aug. 31, 1998: North Korea fires suspected missile over Japan and into the Pacific Ocean, calling it a satellite.

_ Sept. 13, 1999: North Korea pledges to freeze long-range missile tests.

_ March 10, 2003: North Korea fires a land-to-ship missile off east coast into waters between the Korean peninsula and Japan.

_ October 2003: North Korea fires two land-to-ship missiles.

_ May 2005: North Korea fires a short-range missile into waters between the Korean peninsula and Japan.

_ March 8, 2006: North Korea fires two short-range missiles.

_ July 5, 2006: North Korea launches seven missiles into waters between the Korean peninsula and Japan, including a long-range Taepodong-2.

_ July 15, 2006: U.N. Security Council adopts Resolution 1695 demanding North Korea halt missile program.

_ Oct. 9, 2006: North Korea conducts underground nuclear test blast after citing “extreme threat of a nuclear war” from U.S.

_ Oct. 15, 2006: U.N. Security Council adopts Resolution 1718 condemning test, imposing sanctions and banning North Korea from activities related to its nuclear weapons program, including “their means of delivery.”

_ July 14, 2007: North Korea shuts down its main Yongbyon reactor, later starts disabling it.

_ Sept. 19, 2008: North Korea says it is restoring a key atomic reactor.

_ Oct. 11, 2008: U.S. removes North Korea from a list of states that sponsor terrorism.

_ April 5, 2009: North Korea launches a long-range rocket.

_ April 13, 2009: U.N. Security Council adopts a presidential statement condemning North Korea’s rocket launch.

_ April 14, 2009: North Korea quits six-party nuclear talks and vows to restart its nuclear facilities in protest against the U.N. statement.

_ May 25, 2009: North Korea conducts its second nuclear test.

_ June 12, 2009: U.N. Security Council adopts Resolution 1874 sanctioning North Korea for its nuclear test.

_ Jan. 11, 2012: North Korea test fires three short-range missiles.

_ Feb. 29, 2012: North Korea announces a moratorium on nuclear and long-range missile tests in a food aid deal with U.S.

_ March 16, 2012: North Korea says it will launch a long-range rocket in April to put a scientific satellite into orbit.


Sources: South Korean defense and foreign ministries and presidential office, AP reports.

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