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UK court to rule on euthansia bid

LONDON (AP) – A British judge is due to make a preliminary ruling on a paralyzed man’s wish that a doctor be allowed to end his life.

The ruling expected Monday is on the government’s bid to throw out the case.

The case was brought by Tony Nicklinson, who suffers from “locked-in” syndrome. Since suffering a stroke in 2005, he has been incapable of moving except to blink his eyes, but his mind is unaffected.

Because he is unable to end his own life, the 57-year-old man is seeking permission for a doctor to kill him. He communicates through a computer which recognizes his eye blinks.

The government says only parliament has the authority to change the law of murder.

Nicklinson’s lawyer, Paul Bowen, says that only euthanasia will end the man’s suffering.

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