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UK rowers rescued after capsizing mid-Atlantic

LONDON (AP) – Six rowers who capsized in the Atlantic Ocean while attempting to row from Morocco to Barbados have been rescued.

Falmouth Coastguard said Tuesday that the rowers capsized 520 miles (837 kilometers) from Barbados and climbed onto a life raft tethered to their boat. Coast guards from Britain and Martinique launched a rescue mission after the rowers contacted their support team by satellite phone but the men were picked up by a cargo ship before the coast guards reached them.

Falmouth Coastguard said the cargo ship is now taking the rowers to Gibraltar.

The men were taking part in the Atlantic Odyssey Challenge to row from Morocco to Barbados in less than 30 days. Their boat capsized Monday, 27 days into their journey. The Atlantic Odyssey website said the crew were safe and well

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