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Former Senegalese interior minister arrested

DAKAR, Senegal (AP) – An official in Senegal says police have arrested the former regime’s interior minister.

Serigne Mbacke Ndiaye, who was a spokesman for former President Abdoulaye Wade, said police arrested Ousmane Ngom on Wednesday.

Ndiaye did not say why Ngom was arrested, but accusations have surfaced that Wade and his inner circle made off with nearly all the cars in the government’s garage, as well as art, furniture and other assets belonging to the state. Wade has denied accusations of theft, saying many of the goods were personal property.

Wade categorically denied newspaper reports saying he and members of his administration had transferred 400 billion francs ($800 million) into foreign bank accounts.

The new government of Senegal issued a communique in April, giving 72 hours to former members of his administration to return the cars, or face having them seized.

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