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Arizona gas prices appear to be leveling off after months-long increase

(AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

PHOENIX – The rising gas prices in Arizona have slowed considerably over the course of two months, hinting that the prices at the pump may finally be leveling off.

“Arizona gas prices appear to be tapering off, signaling that prices may stabilize as we move further into June,” Michelle Donati, a spokeswoman for AAA Arizona said in a release.

“This shift, in part, can be attributed to falling crude oil prices, although it likely won’t be enough to drop gas prices more significantly this summer.”

According to AAA Arizona, gas prices rose to nearly $3 per gallon in May and have continued to rise to $3.064 per gallon after increasing a penny this week.

But the slight increase is a welcoming change from previous weeks and months in the Valley.

Gas prices have been on a significant rise in Arizona and across the United States since early April, when prices shot up nearly 8 cents per gallon over the course of two weeks. The spike led to prices being nearly 30 cents more than in April 2017.

The current national average remains below the Grand Canyon State after shedding 1.9 cents this week to $2.94 per gallon.

Locally, the pump prices in Phoenix rose 1.7 cents to $.095 per gallon, while Flagstaff dropped 1.4 cents this week, the largest dip in the state.

Meanwhile, Scottsdale’s 4.4-cent increase was the most expensive rise in Arizona.

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