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Dave Ramsey says: Tiny home market likely doesn’t have much room to grow

(AP Photo)

Dear Dave,

Do you think the value of a “tiny home” would depreciate like a trailer?

— Romeo

Dear Romeo,

That’s a tough one. I’m not certain they would depreciate like a trailer, but I don’t think they would go up in value much, either.

Anytime there’s a very limited demand for something, the price or value doesn’t generally increase. And there are very few people looking to buy tiny homes.

The tiny home movement is kind of a niche thing. It’s a very narrow market, and something that doesn’t have a lot of demand isn’t going to appreciate.

I would avoid the tiny house movement if I were you, Romeo. Don’t invest in things that don’t have proven track records and don’t go up in value.

I love real estate, but not tiny real estate!

— Dave