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Will Smith to bungee jump from helicopter over Grand Canyon

PHOENIX — Actor Will Smith will bungee jump out of a helicopter over the Grand Canyon in Arizona as soon as he is done shooting his latest movie.

You read that right.

In a video published Tuesday, the actor accepted the challenge of a YouTube channel to “helibungee,” or, as we said, bungee jump while dangling from the side of a helicopter. There was no timetable for the stunt to take place.

But Smith didn’t just walk into his decision blind. He put a decent amount of thought into it, as the video showed.

“Before we get up there, we need to know all of the variables,” he said. “I don’t want any stone left unturned.”

The actor also wanted to know how many people had died doing the stunt. It was an fair question, if a bit grim.

Smith even said he wanted the guy helping him to call his kids, Willow, Jayden and Trey, but immediately backtracked.

“Don’t call them,” he said after.

There were also some tests conducted. Smith and his assistant dangled a “Men in Black” doll from a drone and flew it around the yard. They deemed the “helibungee” would be safe — well, as safe as it can get — after that.

However, Smith had three conditions, two of which we already mentioned: The jump has to take place after he films his next movie and it has to be over the Grand Canyon. The final one was the stunt must raise money for charity.

But he may try to add a twist. At the end of the video, Smith was on the phone and — we can’t confirm this — but he seemed to be asking Tom Cruise if he can fly a helicopter.

Wait, could this be a key plot point in a new “Mission: Impossible” movie? Only time will tell.

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