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Independents could have impact on GOP primary to replace Trent Franks

(AP Photo)
LISTEN: Michele Reagan, Arizona Secretary of State

PHOENIX — The special election in western Phoenix suburbs to replace Trent Franks could give independent voters a chance to flex some muscle.

Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan said Thursday on KTAR 92.3 FM’s Arizona’s Morning News special elections generally had a low turnout for mail-in voting but this time the numbers were trending higher.

That likely is because independents were turning out. The special primary election in Arizona Congressional District 8 marked the first time the group could participate in a primary at the polls.

“It’s up to about 9 percent,” she said of independents returning ballots.

The special election was scheduled Feb. 27. The West Valley cities affected by the election included Peoria and Sun City West.

“We’ve been doing extensive outreach. If you live in the area … I’m sure you see a lot of signs,” Reagan said.

The deadline to send mail-in ballots has passed. “It probably won’t get there by Tuesday,” Reagan said. “Please, go and drop it off at a polling place.”

The last day to vote early in person was set for Friday.

The winner from the Republican field of 12 will face the Democratic candidate in the special general election April 24.

Reagan said the office’s voting website would have updated information on election day and before then, residents can find where they can vote or if they need to do so.