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Dave Ramsey says: Will needs to be updated to avoid fight over house

( Photo/Scott Webb)

Dear Dave,

My mother wants everything, except for her home, left to my brother and I when she dies.

She would like her longtime boyfriend to have her house. We don’t have a problem with this, but it has not been written into her will.

Her mind is still sound, so does she need to officially update the will?

— Dawn

Dear Dawn,

Yes, the will needs to be changed to reflect her wishes where the house is concerned.

Since she’s still able to make decisions independently, the will should be legally updated to reflect exactly what she wants to have happen with every piece of her estate.

It’s fine if she wants to give her boyfriend the house. It’s your mom’s will, and her estate, so she can do pretty much whatever she wants.

She could also leave what’s called a life estate that says her boyfriend gets use of the home while he’s alive.

Technically, in this kind of situation the house would be left to you, but he would legally have use of it during his life.

Upon his death, the home could then revert to you or your brother.

— Dave

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