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Prescott-based reality show ‘American Metal’ set to air in April

(American Metal Facebook Photo)

PHOENIX — A new Prescott-based reality show called “American Metal” is set to premiere in April on the Velocity Network.

The show follows a Prescott family as they run Humvee Designs, a company dedicated to rebuilding and upgrading Humvees.

“We have maybe a hundred different customers who come to us with their own projects all of the time, so we’re used to always making new things,” Jared Aurich, one of the family members, told The Daily Courier.

The show began as an idea from a local pediatric dentist, Bobby Raber, who started by purchasing old, military Humvees at auction. He got in contact with Dale Aurich, patriarch of the Aurich family, to help customize the vehicles at Dale’s manufacturing facility.

After starting Humvee Designs, Dale met with television producers and after explaining what he does, his business was offered to be the subject of a new reality TV show. Dale spoke with Raber before they both agreed on it.

While the show is meant to focus on the restoration and customization of Humvees, the group will also look at and are open to working on other projects as well.

“If we were to stick just to Humvees, eventually we are going to run out of stuff for the show,” Jared said. “So the idea is we work on cool projects.”

Filming began last June. The show is set to air April 1.

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