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Immigration: What is happening in the Arizona desert?


Recently, videos were posted of Border Patrol agents kicking over water jugs left out for migrants in our southern desert.

Many of these were left for humanitarian reasons by a group called No More Deaths. A few hours later, Scott Warren, a member of No More Deaths, was arrested in Ajo and charged with several crimes for aiding the transportation of unlawful migrants.

The position of No More Deaths is that this is humanitarian aid to prevent people from dying of thirst in the brutal Arizona desert. The Border Patrol claims the group was aiding illegal migration into this country.

Other facts: The Border Patrol apparently had an agreement with No More Deaths not to interfere with the placement of water jugs in the desert. The video contained both older footage (displaying actions for which some agents were disciplined) and other footage (which No More Deaths claimed is more recent).

Was this arrest retribution for the release of the new footage? Or was the timing a coincidence?

What is the status of our border? Is it really, as some have claimed, “out of control?”

Our guest this week is Rafael Carranza, Border Reporter for the Arizona Republic. We will ask him these and other questions.

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