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Pima County using full-body scanners to screen inmates for contraband

(Facebook/Pima County Sheriff's Department)

TUCSON, Ariz. — The Pima County Jail is using full-body scanning devices to screen incoming inmates for contraband.

The Arizona Daily Star reported that the jail began using the scanners in November.

The scanners can take an image similar to an X-ray.

Authorities said jail officers can detect potentially dangerous contraband such as knives or drugs in a more accurate and less invasive way with the scanners.

They said the scan takes just seven seconds and provides much better screening accuracy.

Jail staff found two people trying to smuggle in illegal items in their body cavities during the scanner’s first week of use.

The Star reported that previously, a strip search wouldn’t provide the officers with the ability to see what had potentially been consumed by an inmate.

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