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Arizona lawmaker bill would eliminate registration stickers on license plates

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PHOENIX – Tired of putting registration stickers on your license plate?

Arizona Rep. Michelle Ugenti-Rita, (R) is sponsoring a bill that would do away with registration stickers which drivers have historically been issued to prove they’ve paid their car registration.

Doing away with the stickers would save the state $1.8 million, she said.

“Of course you would have to stay current with your registration, however, the sticker would not be required with you anymore,” Ugenti-Rita said.

Law enforcement would still be able to run a person’s license plate to check to see if the person is up to date on their requirements, she said.

Which they do for other driver requirements.

“We require of course car insurance, and it’s very important that you have car insurance,” she said. “But we don’t require that you have a car insurance sticker that you put on your license plate.”

The stickers are useless, she said.

“I would challenge people when they’re out driving to make an effort to see if they can read those stickers.”

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