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‘America’s Got Talent’ contestant Evie Clair sings Christmas carols

As they always say, Mac & Gaydos’ final show of the year contains just a few surprises.

And one of this year’s surprises has the voice of an angel.

Former “America’s Got Talent” contestant and Florence, Arizona native Evie Clair joined the guys to chat about the holidays and sing some Christmas carols.

Though she left the contest after making the top 10, Clair was eventually voted off. She said she will always remember her bond with the other contestants and her father, who passed away in September.

“I remember when I was in the judge cuts round, they didn’t let my dad into the room where they said you’re going through or not,” she said.

“When he was walking past the door, he kind of heard what they were saying and he was getting so mad because they wouldn’t let him stay, so … he thought that they were being mean to me and that they were saying ‘no,’ … When I came out, I was crying … and I was like ‘I made it! I’m going through to the next round’ and he was so relieved.”

Clair sang “Here in my Arms” by Rob Gardner, a local composer.

At the end, the guys gave her a Christmas gift of her own: A bouquet of flowers and some homemade cookies.

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