Biggs, Gosar, Franks ask Senate to act on spending bills as shutdown nears

(AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

PHOENIX — Three Arizona congressmen want the Senate to act on numerous House-passed spending bills, just one day before the federal government could shut down.

In an opinion piece in The Hill, Republican Reps. Paul Gosar, Trent Franks and Andy Biggs — along with several other members of the House — said the Senate’s failure to pass a budget will likely force Congress to pass a stop-gap spending bill to keep the lights on.

“Earlier this year, the House of Representatives passed twelve appropriations bills and sent them to the Senate,” the opinion piece read. “This was the first time in fourteen years we have done this as required by law.

“The Senate has done nothing, ignoring this legislation like it has more than three hundred other House-passed bills this year.”

Congress has until midnight Friday to either pass a budget or a continuing resolution, which would keep the federal government funded for a short time. The opinion piece argued that, by failing to pass a budget, the United States will continue down a slippery spending slope.

“Without passing a responsible budget, including spending cuts and no increases to non-defense discretionary spending, we will continue the swampish, upside-down, out-of-whack, only-in-D.C. type of spending that will bankrupt this nation,” the piece read.

“We should not continue our death spiral through short-term spending gimmicks like ‘continuing resolutions.'”