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Thrillist crowns local rock group Meat Puppets as Arizona’s best band

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PHOENIX — The question’s simple, but the answers may vary: Which Arizona-based band is the best?

Thrillist took the question to heart, choosing the best band for every state.

To find the best bands, the website used the following criteria:

• Must be a band. No single artists.

• They stuck to bands who rose to prominence after World War II.

• The band must have originated from the state. Moving doesn’t count.

• Historical significance, influence, popularity and the quality factor.

And when it came to Arizona, it was Meat Puppets who took home the title of best band.

Meat Puppets was formed by Phoenix-based artists Curt Kirkwood, his brother Cris and Derrick Bostrom in 1980. Curt was the band’s vocalist and guitarist, while Cris played the bass guitar and Bostrom was on drums.

The band released its self-titled first album in 1982 and has released 16 albums since, with the most recent in 2013. Meat Puppets broke up twice, in 1996 and 2002, before reuniting in 2006.

According to Billboard, Meat Puppets was one of the popular rock band Nirvana’s “core influences” and often performed on late-night television shows, such as “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” in 1994.

While the final result for the state’s best band could be up for debate — considering that both Jimmy Eat World and the Gin Blossoms hail from Arizona — Thrillist explained its choice.

The website said while the Meat Puppets may “not have the hits of an act like Alice Cooper or the chops of a group like Calexico, their combination of punk ideals, eclectic taste, and untamed spirit speaks to the mysterious character of the Southwest.”

“While blending country, hardcore, and psychedelic rock, the Meat Puppets have endured longer than many of their SST Records peers of the 1980s, crafting a quirky legacy — and a lengthy discography — that’s difficult to pin down but impossible to deny.”

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