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Take a deep breath: New Blue Planet documentary looks to thrill

Imagine you are on a submarine hovering over the ocean floor looking hard to see what’s directly in front of you.

The dust clears.

It’s a shark. Several sixgill sharks, in fact. All of them each 19 feet long, chomping down on dinner – a whale carcass getting torn apart by the saw-like teeth of the sharks, 2,300 feet beneath sea level.

Struggling to compete, they bite each other for the chance to grab the tasty grub.

Then, the sharks start to see the submarine as competition for their food.

Now, you are part of the feeding frenzy – a full-fledged shark attack.

“Oh, he’s pushing us, did you see this?” said a passenger on the vessel.”I went backward and he’s pushing us to the front. The submarine is very strong. But they are so big and strong. I’m a little bit afraid.”

That’s the opening preview for Blue Planet II, a new BBC Earth documentary presented by David Attenborough which debuted last month. The show is simulcast on BBC One and the BBC Earth channel.

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