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Singapore hawker offers cheapest Michelin-starred meal in the world

Looking for the next spot for inexpensive food that doesn’t skimp on the taste?

Well if you don’t mind taking a trip to Singapore, you can enjoy Michelin-starred food for just $1.50.

That’s not a typo, $1.50.

Master chef Chan Hon Meng is the mastermind behind Singapore’s “Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle.”

After meeting an uncle from Hong Kong in Singapore, Meng became interested in perfecting the braised chicken recipe since he never really saw anyone selling it.

Using the recipe and technique his uncle passed down to him, the chef not only gained a a great meal, but also national attention.

Since 2009, Meng has been in the hawker, or food cart, business perfecting his recipe. Each day he sells over 100 soya sauce chickens, he said.

And although he knew his food was good, he never thought a hawker could be globally recognized, the 52-year-old chef said.

Being awarded a Michelin star is a great honor and something that has lead to an increase of sales, but Meng isn’t in the business of raising prices. He says the customers are the reason for the recognition and will continue to sell his soya sauce chicken for under two bucks.

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