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Mean streak: Celebrate Halloween with some scary prank videos

PHOENIX — Halloween is a great day to spend with family, especially when the kids are all dressed up in their costumes and everyone is having a good time.

But it’s also a day where you can expect to have the bajeebus scared out of you at least once and, most likely, expect the video to be uploaded online in a hurry.

While we already put together a list of the best Halloween light shows the internet had to offer, we thought it would be fun — if a little mean — to find some of the best scare pranks out there.

We watched all the videos below to ensure there was no foul language, but you still may want to keep your kids away when watching these — especially if you’re getting an idea for how to frighten them.

Have a ghoulishly good Halloween from all of us at KTAR News!

“Friday the 13th”

Zombie mannequin

Tricking people with Legos

Zombie puppet

“Rings” TV

Sam Smith gets terrified on “Ellen”

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