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Number of voters in Arizona increase ahead of November election

(AP Photo)

PHOENIX — The number of registered voters has again gone up in Arizona, almost a year after the state saw a slight decline in registration in the months following the 2016 general election.

More than 14,000 residents in Arizona have registered to vote between July and October of this year, meaning there are now 3,665,316 registered voters across the state.

Of those more than 3.6 million voters, 1,268,748 are registered as Republican, 1,106,675 are Democrat and 1,250,879 are not affiliated with either major party.

In a statement, Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan praised the rising enrollment numbers and said she is “hopeful” that participation in the November elections will increase as well.

The last time Arizona saw an increase in registered voters was after the 2016 general election, when the number of registrants increased by 57,656.

But registered voter numbers released in July showed a decline of nearly 10,000 registered voters in the state. At the time, Reagan said the decrease was a “common result after each election cycle.”

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