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Latest ‘Stranger Things 2’ trailer increases hype for new season

Get excited, “Stranger Things” fans: The series is back and looks to be better than ever.

Season two of the popular Netflix series drops on Oct. 27 and to celebrate, the streaming service released the show’s second trailer for the season — and, appropriately so, on Friday the 13th.

If you don’t like spoilers then look away, but fans who are looking to get hyped to see what is coming should keep reading.

The trailer features Eleven, one of the series’s main characters, who has psychokinetic abilities, walking through a desolate, wooded area on a dark and snowy night. She comes upon a box of sorts, covered in snow. And when she opens it, she finds an Eggo waffle.

The scene then changes to Halloween night in 1984, when the rest of the characters –Lucas, Mike, Dustin and Will — soon learn that their nightmare is ongoing.

Nevertheless, if you have not seen the first season, start binge-watching. You won’t regret it.

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