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Arizona artist hopes to take back personal ‘labels’ with Scottsdale event

Various labels from Christopher Jamin (Instagram Photo)

PHOENIX — How do you label yourself? A Valley artist wants to find out.

Christopher Jagmin is making what he calls a statement of our common humanity — by using plastic labels from a Dymo label maker. He said he found one recently and it got him thinking.

“I thought about labeling myself and how people might label others on the Internet – or talk about other people,” he said. “So, I wanted to take that back.”

Jagmin is holding an event called “I Am Something” at Scottsdale Livery from 2:30 to 7 p.m. on Thursday. The event involves people using a label maker to define themselves with personal affirmations, such as I am powerful,” “I am someone” or “I am loved.”

Words matter, Jagmin said, and they do have effects on individuals and humanity as a whole.

“Often times we let other people define us, and their words have an effect that changes how we feel about ourselves,” he said. “With these labels, I will make a large piece combining all of these affirmations to make a statement about the humanity in our community.”

Once he gathers enough labels, Jagmin said he has an ambitious plan for them: Making them into a big quilt that will be hung at the Scottsdale Livery in January.

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