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Second trailer released for upcoming ‘Jumanji’ film

It seems that 2017 has been another year of Hollywood remakes, but given the quality of some of the films that have come out, we’re not necessarily sure that’s a bad thing.

While box office numbers have been down, there has been some positive remake news, such as “It” becoming one of the top-grossing horror films ever.

Another remake set for release later this year, “Jumanji,” will be looking to garner the same success and not go the way of box office bummers, such as “Baywatch.”

A second trailer was released late last week for “Jumanji” and, though it admittedly looks a little dumb, it could be a good movie for the whole family to take in over the holidays.

It looks like the cast — Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan and Jack Black — have some good chemistry and it may be a good mix of humor and action.

There are also some modern touches to film that didn’t appear in the original 1995 film, such as bad guys on motorcycles with machine guns, and, of course, cell phones.

You can check out “Jumanji” for yourself when it is released Dec. 20.

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