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Police searching for suspects in man’s death [RE-BROADCAST OF 1/14/2013]

(Silent Witness Photo)

David Santiago, 22, was violently killed at the kind of party you should do your best to keep your kids away from: a rave.

“Basically a rave party is an illegal event with a lot of kids, a lot of underage drinking and a lot drugs,” Phoenix Police Sgt. Darren Burch said.

This rave was on Saturday, Nov. 24, 2012 at a warehouse near McDowell Road and 23rd Avenue. It lasted into the wee morning hours of Sunday. Just after 1 a.m., Santiago walked outside.

“He was attacked by two people,”  Birch said. “One hit him in the face. [Santiago[ fell to the ground and the other person began stomping on his head causing such severe trauma that, about 10 days later, [Santiago] died of his injuries.”

Somebody had to have seen something because there may have been as many as 1,000 people at this rave. That’s 1,000 possible witnesses that may be able tell police why someone would want to hurt Santiago or provide descriptions of the suspects.

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